What are the parents saying about HypnoBirthing?


"We would like to say a massive thank you to Laura at Babymoon Birth for working with us to learn everything HypnoBirthing. We have found the course really beneficial and it has really made a positive impact on how we are preparing and imagining the birth. As a result we are both feeling really excited about the birth, knowing what is possible in terms of staying calm, in control and most importantly positive. We feel we cannot thank you enough.

Lynn and Jamie January 2015

"We had such a lovely experience with Laura at her home, despite not having the natural birth of our preference I could put a lot of what we learned into practise and I remained positive and calm throughout. It was a really nice thing to do with my husband who fully took it all on. I fully recommend Laura and the course."

Francesca September 2017

"Hypnobirthing really helped my 30 hour labour"

Joanna October 2020


"Our baby boy arrived last night, 9 Ilbs 13, healthy and delivered via Hypnobirthing- no painkillers or gas and air. I was already 8cm dilated when they saw us at Triage. I have been singing yours and Hypnobirthing praises. Thank you for being our tutor. I put a lot of practice in towards the end, I was really focused!

Laura July 2015


"Thanks Laura, the confidence you gave my wife really, really helped."

Andy June 2014


"An all round amazing experience. Thank you for the sessions, it all really helped. My baby was born on my bedroom floor after a quick and easy labour. "

Bea Aug 2013


"I think every new mum should be taught this method, it is so easy to use and makes so much sense."

Rachel June 2012


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