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Hypnobirthing and the use of visualisation

Many studies have shown that the mind and the images held within it can largely determine your success or failure in life. Motivational consultants, Olympic coaches, Sports trainers as well as medical professionals are all starting to realise the importance of visualisation, which is the process of mentally producing pictures of a desired goal or result, in achieving that goal. So the use of self hypnosis and visualisations have become more widely used in their routines. We have all probably heard negative birth stories and horror stories regarding pain in childbirth and labour. These negative images and fears become imprinted into our brains subconscious. When in hypnosis you visualise your ideal birth scene, it becomes stronger than any of the birth stories and negative comments that you have heard. The brain and nervous system are saturated with a picture of a specific, ideal sensory vision that seems so real it becomes imprinted in to the brain. When a person is in a relaxed state, the mind more easily adapts to the imagery and accepts the suggested vision as being real. The repeated images causes the belief in the desired outcome. The body then follows what the mind believes to be true. If the mind tells the body to relax, the body will relax. There is also a corresponding physiological response and chemical response to every thought, suggestion or emotion one has. So what the mind accepts or even perceives to be real, the body responds to. An example of this would be to jerk or jump at a sudden loud noise. The subconscious mind perceives a threat and the body responds accordingly to that threat, even if there is none. Using hypnotic suggestion whilst deeply relaxed works with you to create a gentle, easy birth instead of dwelling on fearful, negative images of birth where the body can be thrown unintentionally into a defence mode - creating tension. To illustrate the effect of imagery on physiological processes we use a script called the lemon cutting script. After the hypnotic state people report to have experienced a physiological response to an imagined event. To find out more come along to a hypnobirthing class.

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