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Classes versus Online Course

🌟Hypnobirthing classes versus online course or book and cd.


🌟Why should I attend a five week hypnobirthing course?

There are many reasons why one option may suit one person or couple than another but I think the main two will be time and money.

Yes a five week course is more expensive than just buying the book and with the online course now available at a fraction of the price I see why these options may seem appealing to the busy pregnant mum who has to budget for the arrival of a new baby let alone antenatal classes. It is always worth checking with practitioners if you are on a low income or if you don't think you can stretch your budget as many hypnobirthing practitioners will do a reduced rate or they may have spaces to fill last minute that they will do a special offer for. It could even be worth looking into newly qualified hypnobirthing teachers who may carry out a class for free or at a very reduced rate to gain experience. Remember that a hypnobirthing course is a complete antenatal class so there would be no need to book other antenatal classes.

As for time - the solution should be easy, if we don't have enough time for ourselves for relaxation, fun and a bit of learning of a great skill that will not only be beneficial to our labour but our pregnancy and motherhood then we make some. I can imagine it is a lot easier to show up at an allotted time each week rather than picking up a book or watching a video dropped in to your email and actually finishing the course. I have signed up to a few online courses and watched the first few presentations and not got round to seeing the last ones before the time has expired.

Other benefits of attending a local class will be that the person teaching you will have experience of the local healthcare system and hospitals. They maybe practising midwives, hypnotherapists or even mums that have birthed their babies using hypnobirthing in the local hospital or at home. They will have a wealth of experience and knowledge gained from other mums they have taught and from their own experiences. Positive and inspiring stories from mums just like you. They will know where to find post natal support and be there for you if you need any extra support up to the birth or some may even be doulas who can support you all the way through birth. Even arranging after baby arrives get togethers and coffee mornings.

So the book and online course has its place when time and money are too much of an issue but the classes offer more support, friendship and care than a book or computer can. To book a class with me email: in Brighton and Hove or to find a practitioner in your are visit The Hypnobirthing Institute website


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