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The Power of the Subconcious Mind

Your mind is more powerful than you can imagine...

In a recent HypnoBirthing class a pregnant mother and I were discussing due dates and she asked whether setting the intention to have a baby on a certain date would work. I replied absolutely!

I explained that when Ellis, my youngest was born, he came on the date I had written in my diary 9 months previously. Surprised by this she asked me to explain. It wasn't really intention setting but when I looked at the dates to see when he was due, I worked out it would be 9th March, rather than writing due date I just wrote baby born.

After having my 12 week scan the hospital changed the date by a day but I did not bother changing it in my diary. As my due date neared I thought that it would be quite handy if he came on that date as it was a Sunday and my family would be easily available for childcare. I then focussed on that date as being the day he would arrive by planning everything as if it were.

The Saturday night before my due date I ate a curry and watched a romantic film with a bar of chocolate as advised by my midwife to give the love hormone Oxytocin a natural helping hand. Oxytocin is secreted by the pituitary gland and is thought to bring on labour and surges once the cervix starts to open.

I woke up at 5am with a few gentle surges which signalled the beginning of my labour and he was born just after lunch on Sunday 9th March. At the time I didn't really take much notice of it and thought it was a happy coincidence.

It was only after reading books on the power of the subconscious mind did I realise that I had in fact successfully programmed my body into believing that my baby would be born on that day. I would check my diary daily to see what I was doing and my brain was subconsciously seeing that on the 9th March I was going to have a baby. If I had written the baby was due it would not have had the same effect as my belief surrounding birth was that babies do not come on due dates and statistically only 5% are actually born on the due date. In fact in HypnoBirthing we call it a guess date as gestation has a period of 37 to 42 weeks in a normal pregnancy.

After telling my expectant HypnoBirthing mum all of this she followed my advice and wrote in her diary that the baby was going to be born on a certain date. She also used visualisations, affirmations and even prayer to cement the belief firmly into her subconscious mind. Also my story helped her to believe what was possible if you really focus your mind on telling your body what to do.

It was no surprise to me when she text me the day after her intended due date to say her baby had been born on the day she had wanted it to.

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