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Weight loss

Practising what I preach... Laura Perez

It is widely publicised that hypnotherapy can help you lose weight but being told to avoid certain

bad foods under hypnosis is only the tip of the weight loss iceberg. We all know eating too much

cake or chocolate is not going to do our waistline any good but what should we be eating instead.

So to really understand the whole nutritional science behind weight loss I embarked on a six week

weight loss course at my local gym, combining advice about food and exercise.

The first thing I noticed was that I eat way too much and this is not even including the naughty

snacks or treats. At meal times I pile my plate high with rice, pasta and even vegetables.

More than I need to actually energise my body. Energy in versus energy out was way out of balance. My mother always used to say it is simple to lose weight - eat less

and move more, which in my experience was easier said than done. Whenever I had tried doing that it had gone badly. I would eat a small breakfast, go to the gym and do an hour of cardio exercise and then feel really hungry,

grab a convenient snack probably full of sugar and then eat more at lunch because I know that I

have been good and exercised. Not surprisingly I have not shifted any weight!

The first thing the instructor told us in the course was a quote from Albert Einstein ~ Insanity

is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. This rang true for me as I had not changed my eating habits or gym routine, even when supposedly dieting.

So I have reduced my food in take , cut back on sugar, using weights more in the gym, walking 10000 steps a day and taken on board more of the trainer's advice.

I am now starting to see some results and reducing my weight. Sometimes being sat down and

taught things in a simple way is all it takes. Government guidelines and health warnings about

sugar, fat and alcohol always seemed to be directed at other people so I chose to ignore them and led quite an unhealthy lifestyle. Now I have a better understanding of how eating more

healthier can have a positive impact on my life I can now start with the hypnotherapy and EFT to

stop me craving those sugary treats and to help me understand why when I feel down or stressed

out I reach for the comfort food. To find out how hypnotherapy can help you please contact me for

a free consultation. Laura Perez 07513 486636

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